Imago Relationship Therapy

The method of couples therapy which I offer is based on the work of Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt called Imago Relationship Therapy. Developed in the last fifteen years, this form of couples therapy is considerably more comprehensive than other methods which have focused only on the present or only on how the individuals’ histories contribute to the problems which bring the couple to therapy. Imago Therapy incorporates both.

Imago Relationship Therapy teaches couples to create a sense of safety and respect between partners. It teaches listening deeply to one’s partner so that each can truly learn about the other. As a result, partners become more emotionally connected.

Imago Therapy helps couples appreciate how their childhood relationships, particularly with their childhood caretakers, affect the way they choose their partners and the way they feel and think and behave in current relationships. Personal growth and healing occur in the process of Imago Therapy with the increased understanding of oneself and one’s partner and the dynamics of the relationship. Learning to understand current conflicts within the context of past pain, partners can become aware of how to make conscious choices to enhance the quality of their relationship for both themselves and their partner.

Couples learn to find a safe way to resolve frustrations and conflict and an enhanced ability to have a more loving, respectful and passionate relationship.